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County of El Paso El Paso, TX, United States
Oct 17, 2017
Full time
Acceptable Experience and Education Bachelor's Degree (Master's preferred) from an accredited university in Policy Analysis, Urban or Regional Planning, Business or Public Administration or industry related field and ten (10) years of professional planning and development experience, including five (5) years of supervisory or management experience, in the county planning, development review, commercial or residential real estate development, or building and zoning code enforcement with diverse operations or multiple locations. Or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Certificates and Licenses Required Must have or obtain by date of hire a valid driver's license applicable to job responsibilities, with a driving record acceptable to the County of El Paso. Preferred Certification: AICP Certified Planner Essential Duties Administrative Duties: Serves as the chief advisor on planning and development related matters to the Executive Public Works Director in order produce top quality work that ensures exceptional service and results for the community; Provides vision and leadership within the County, for the divisions overseen, and for all planning and development support matters; Selects, assigns, supervises, trains, motivates, evaluates, disciplines, and delegates the duties and work of assigned professional, technical and administrative support staff; provides management, administration, organizational leadership, and team building; works with staff to identify and correct performance challenges; issues termination of department employees when necessary; Directs the department's strategy, goals, and objectives to be consistent with priorities, policies and procedures established by the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court and the Executive Public Works Director; interprets plans, specifications, standards, policies, procedures, and regulatory codes; Assists in the development of the County strategic plan, directs plan implementation at the department level, provides regular evaluation and reporting of progress at the department level, and recommends modifications to the Executive Public Works Director when necessary; Directs strategizing, planning, organizing, reviewing, designing, and evaluating of the overall operations and development of the departments and functions overseen; Recommends, develops and implements policies, procedures and protocols for all major activities of the Department; Directs department goals and objectives to be consistent with priorities, policies and procedures; interprets plans, specifications, standards, policies, procedures, and regulatory statutes and codes; Responsible for all administrative, and department operations; provides management, administration, organizational leadership, and team building; plans, assigns, supervises, trains and evaluates the work of professional, technical and administrative support staff; Delegates authority and responsibility, and schedules program work on a long-term basis; establishes standards and priorities and ensures they are maintained by others; approves selection of new employees, employee transfer/promotion, discipline, termination, performance evaluations, and personnel actions;   Maintains a highly competent staff to meet the established needs of the County; makes recommendation and implements personnel changes within County procedures; Monitors and oversees department operations to assure that services delivered are in compliance with contract provisions, applicable laws, rules and regulations established by federal, state, and local laws and by applicable standards established by the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court, Executive Public Works Director and the department; Prepares progress reports and departmental activity reports to communicate work of the department to the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court, Executive Public Works Director, the public, and others; Ensures that the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court and the Executive Public Works Director directives, policies, regulations, and operating programs are carried out; recommends changes in legislation, policies and methods to improve county administration and operations;  Authorizes, directs and conducts managerial and operational reviews; recommends transfers, reassignments or consolidations of functions and services as are necessary and proper; directs preparation of reports and manuals and the development of work measurement standards; Provides general administrative direction to departments overseen; mediates inter-departmental disputes; prepares, reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Public Works Director on Commissioners Court agenda items; Represents the department to the Executive Public Works Director in Commissioners Court and makes presentations and recommendations to the Court; represents the department and/or county with customers and media; works with and makes presentations to elected county officials, county departments, state and municipal officials, citizen groups and other policy-making entities; Establishes and maintains effective public relations in a complex environment involving technical and non-technical personnel; responds to inquiries from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the professional community; responds to, analyzes and resolves difficult inquiries, grievances, or complaints; works with the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court, the Executive Public Works Director, citizen groups, department staff and other county staff to establish priorities and set schedules and budgets for timely completion of department projects; Prepares, presents and administers budget submissions for the Department; oversees budget allocations and expenditures for the Department, and reports discrepancies to the Executive Public Works Director; Responsible for department record keeping such as codes, ordinances, legal documentation, purchase requisitions and other transactions; Participates in the development of the annual Capital Improvements Program (CIP); Communicates to and serves as the liaison with citizens, civic groups, consultants, utilities, planning commissions and regulatory agencies; the department's services and rules for solving operating problems and rectifying complaints; Collaborates with other Public Works Divisions on various operational projects and determines programming limitations on landscape, maintenance requirements after events, cost estimates for damage and replanting, scheduling, etc.; Works with the Purchasing Department and provides input and makes recommendations to the Chief Administrator, Commissioners Court, the Executive Public Works Director and departments, on best alternatives for awarding contracts to competing contractors; negotiates and oversees contracts as assigned; and Serves as a professional technical advisor on department related matters to the Chief Administrator , Commissioners Court, the Executive Public Works Director, and on committees both within and outside of the organization. Substantive Planning & Development Department Duties: Responsible for development, administration, and updating of service plans in the County that identify infrastructure, service and other needs of the area; Oversees the functions of the Planning Program for the County and functions pertaining to integrated long and short range land planning, subdivision development, and revitalization of land use, population, housing, transportation systems, capital improvement programs, community facilities and economic opportunities; Provides highly complex staff assistance to the Executive Public Works Director; Directs the work of a major program/project including responsibility for planning, developing, monitoring and evaluating programs; Acts as a liaison between assigned programs within the department and County, and with other federal, state, county, community agencies, and commissions, as necessary; Oversees the compliance of rules and regulations, by employees, members of the community and other municipalities, of the County of El Paso subdivision requirements, State of Texas Model Rule Subdivision requirements, County floodplain order, flood insurance program and storm water system; Responsible for coordination of subdivision platting with the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, when applicable; Responsible for coordination of construction inspection of subdivision during construction and final acceptance phases; submits final approval for subdivision plats to Commissioners Court; Responsible for the coordination of the location of utility lines within County Right of Ways; Oversees the issuance of Certificates of Subdivision Compliance whenever questions occur, by reviewing the case and reviewing all the possible solutions; works with County Attorney staff to clarify if Certificates of Compliance can be issued due to possible violation of County/State standards; Responsible for the coordination with County staff members to ensure that all storm water/MS4 requirements are being followed; Responsible for working with the Airport Operator to ensure that airport and airport property adhere to FAA/TxDOT Aviation regulations; Coordinates with airport operation in the submission of annual reports as required by TxDOT aviation; ensures that airport property is properly secured, runway lighting is operational; oversees that runways, taxiways, and open areas are properly maintained; coordinates with other governmental agencies on the use of airport property; Coordinates with Community Development staff in the application and implementation of grants for County infrastructure projects; Coordinates with local utilities for cost sharing for the extension, installation of service lines, within the utilized boundaries; Works with the residents of the projects to obtain the Certificates of Plat Compliance, so that utilities can be connected; Oversees operation and utilization of GIS to maintain essential data related to land use, historic preservations, and economic incentive projects; ensure this data is communicated to County management, boards and commissions, elected officials, citizens and outside parties; Demonstrates advanced understanding and application of analyses, mapping, and reports related to urban design and community planning; Oversees the preparation of street, highway and transit plans of the county; Directs input and provides park design, construction projects, upgrades and renovations of facilities, equipment and systems; Composes, analyzes and presents written staff reports and verbal presentations, relating to planning issues; Meets with citizens, real estate professionals, architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys, builders, developers and business representatives as part of pre-development and planning activities; Performs and manages complex and sensitive professional planning projects, research and analyses; Participates in regional planning issues; Oversees the coordination of neighborhood outreach programs in County, including maintenance records of any and all neighborhood associations; Ensures meetings with neighborhood organizations are held; and facilitates development of a County manual of services available to residents; Oversees the preparation of planning documents including maps, reports, comprehensive and local plan packages, and presentation materials; Leads project public engagement workshops and presentations; Conducts field observations, gathers data and researches and produces comprehensive, critical analyses from them; Oversees planning and development review, infrastructure planning, and manages the compilation and analysis of information affecting land use, housing, transportation, and conservation, and provides guidance and technical assistance; Responsible for implementing long range planning studies and reports, and related initiatives; Responsible for the development, administration, and control of associated budgets; Develops and maintains the El Paso County General Plan, County-approved specific plans, and applicable County subdivision regulations, including providing public information and customer service. Reports progress of rural service planning efforts on a regular basis for presentation to Commissioners' Court and the public, as needed; Coordinates with hired consultants and other regional, state, and federal agencies in the development and administration of rural service planning; Organizes interdepartmental committees on policy issues related to county development; Directs technical quantitative and qualitative analysis studies; Performs complex studies, analysis, designs, technical research, calculations, computations, and prepares estimates, plans, and reports; Oversees design and specification preparation for construction projects awarded to outside contractors; Oversees events related to infrastructure planning and development; Assesses and prioritizes infrastructure improvement projects in unincorporated areas of the county through internal and external meetings, facilitates pre-construction meetings with engineers, contractors, service providers and the community; Conducts cost-benefit statistical analysis using factors affecting the project labor standard requirements, construction specifications and environmental, socio-political and regulatory stipulations; Evaluates and monitors grant activities, including the assessment of public benefit and impact on the County budget, and develops and maintains a comprehensive contract-monitoring program of all contracts assigned to the Department by working with the County Attorney's office, the Auditor and other departments/agencies; Strategizes and implements short and long term plans to ensure planning and development meets community needs and provides quality of life, including but not limited to land planning, subdivision development, and revitalization of land use, population, housing, transportation systems, capital improvement programs, community facilities and economic opportunities Responsible for Capital Construction projects for the County dealing with planning and development, and airport operations involving costs ranging from several thousand to multi-million dollar projects; Reviews and approves County planning and development quality reviewing departmental activities, maintenance schedules, programs and planning for future development programs and advising other County departments and elected officials; Reviews and studies surveys, designs and construction time, labor and cost estimates and consultant and contractor bids on proposals involving planning and development; Plans, designs, implements and reviews department short and long-term goals and priorities; Identifies opportunities for improvement and recommends improvement systems and standard operating procedures to enhance operations and service delivery; Implements service delivery methods including administrative, control and security systems and internal relationships; Coordinates departmental activities with those of other departments and outside agencies and organizations; Prepares press releases and coordinate meetings with department head for Commissioners Court as needed; Attends and participates in meetings, training and information sessions; Provides administrative support for the planning and preparation of grant applications; Manages and prioritizes programs, projects, and activities; Oversees the distribution of all equipment and labor; Substitutes, if assigned, for staff during temporary absences by performing delegated duties sufficient to maintain continuity of normal operations; Ensures that all records, including but not limited to, purchase orders, work orders, time sheets, etc., are maintained according to departmental policy; Recommends equipment expenditures; Provides administrative support for the planning and preparation of grant applications; Stays abreast of new trends and innovations in the field; develops more efficient methods; develops managerial talent in the staff; evaluates personnel and organizational structure; acts as chief contact between community events and those outside the department; As directed may serve as an alternate County Emergency Operations Center Supervisor for the City-County Emergency Preparedness Plan; Commits self to providing excellent customer service and demonstrate commitment through cooperative team and individual efforts; and Creates a high quality work culture through participation in and emphasis on training and mentoring to develop leadership, management, and technical skills in self and all employees, including safety related training and skills.  JOB SUMMARY: Summary of Position The Planning and Development Director, under general direction and supervision of the Executive Public Works Director, provides direct oversight of all physical planning and development of the County and its diverse communities. The incumbent will be responsible for serving as a liaison to external organizations and the private, education, military, and not-for-profit sectors on development-related matters and for scheduling and overseeing the daily operations of the section, and performing a variety of tasks related to the department needs. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Knowledge of: Effective supervisory principles, practices, and techniques; business or economic development financing; the principles and practices of urban economic, redevelopment and downtown development including administration and management; the principles and practices of the development process and concerns, neighborhood associations and planning, public participation techniques and development issues; marketing techniques and economic development incentives; border economics and industrial practices; planning principles and techniques; budget preparation and standard general and fiscal administration policies and practices; principles and practices of administrative management; the principles and practices of effective customer service; County organization, operations, policies and procedures; English usage, grammar, punctuation and spelling; techniques for effective interpersonal communications; modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment to include Windows and Microsoft based products. Skill/Ability to: Lead and motivate subordinates; complete projects on time and within budget; deliver seamless customer service and build and maintain cooperative and effective relationships with the department staff, other county department heads and staff; Interpret federal, state, city, and county laws and regulations, building construction plans and specifications, subdivision development plans, building codes and municipal code; negotiate or assist in the negotiation between businesses, financial institutions and government agencies and perform cost/benefit analyses operate a personal computer and various software applications; conduct research, develop appropriate documentation, assess and prioritize multiple tasks, projects and demands to meet scheduled requirements; establish and maintain effective working relations with co-workers and customers to promote and support a productive work environment; work efficiently independently and in a team environment to meet established goals and objectives; communicate effectively in verbal and written forms to respond effectively to customers and staff; exercise initiative and independent judgment within established procedural guidelines in performance of daily duties; responding effectively to customers; assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects and demands; reading, interpreting, and communicating instructions; compilation, analysis, and presentation of statistical information; use initiative and independent judgment within established procedural guidelines; operate personal computer using standard office operating software and general office equipment; prepare and maintain records, maintain filing systems, compile and organize information; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; promote program activities; make mathematical computations; prepare clear, concise and comprehensive written reports, and staff studies; work independently, exercise sound judgment and make decisions, manage time well and perform multiple tasks, and organize diverse activities; perform in a fast-­paced and stressful environment, while maintaining a professional manner; have and maintain a valid driver's license with a driving record acceptable to the County of El Paso; and pass a Criminal Background Investigation. Each and every county position requires the following professional skills and abilities as key and necessary elements of performance: Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance; Work well with others and participate fully in a team oriented environment; Interface with other employees and customers in a courteous and respectful manner; Maintain strict confidentiality; Project positive support of their department and all organizations receiving El Paso County service at all times; and Maintain and enhance the County's commitment to customer service excellence.
GovTempsUSA, LLC Gurnee, IL, United States
Oct 16, 2017
Full time
Village of Gurnee – Finance Department Accountant Temp-to-Hire Position   On behalf of the Village of Gurnee, GovTempsUSA is soliciting qualified candidates to fill a temp-to-hire Accountant position in the Village’s Finance Department.   Essential Duties and Responsibilities: General Ledger Maintenance Perform monthly bank reconciliations for all City bank accounts Review the general ledger for any discrepancies/abnormalities; notify supervisor of any adjustments that are required Assist/Complete with the monthly close process Properly record entries for interfund and wire transfers Prepare and review monthly management of budget to actual reports Review biweekly payroll entries Address any issues or concerns that arise in the absence of the the Finance Director Assist with the annual audit preparation Complete monthly reconciliation of locally imposed tax Monitor Accounts Receivable Revenues specific to Utility Billing Prepare and track Monthly Accounts Receivable Invoices Monitor internal process evaluation Maintain a high standard of customer service and ethics in the workplace Work with other departments to continuously identify opportunities for process improvements Establish and enforce finance policies and incorporate adequate process controls. Assists with additional Finance division projects Other duties as assigned   Minimum Qualifications: Education/Experience/Training: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance 3-5 years Governmental or nonprofit accounting/finance experience Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) Professional Aptitude • Able to provide excellent customers service Strong organizational skills • Detail oriented Ability to comply with stated deadlines Knowledge of Munis software   Assignment is full-time, 8:00am – 5:00pm, expected to last 3 to 6 months before permanent hire. Starting hourly wage: $24. DOQ.   Selected candidate will be an employee of GovTempsUSA with services contracted to the City.   Click APPLY NOW to upload your resume for consideration. For questions contact, HR Generalist Mysi DeSantis at 847-380-3169 or .   
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