Water Treatment Plant Foreman

  • City of North Chicago
  • North Chicago, IL, USA
  • Feb 16, 2018
Full time Waste and Wastewater

Job Description

Under the general direction of the Public Work Director, this is an advanced managerial and administrative position, responsible for planning and directing the operation and maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant, water production and the water distribution system.  The employee exercises considerable independence in ensuring water treatment and distribution operations run within the established regulatory agencies' guidelines.  Assignments are verbal or in writing. 
Work also involves overseeing the annual water main flushing and valve exercising program, and all emergency water main, valve and hydrant repairs.  The work also includes oversight and management of all residential and commercial water meters, and periodic water shut offs.  The incumbent is expected to assist in preparing operating and capital improvement budgets, responding to customer complaints and solving complex operational problems.
The incumbent is responsible for the planning and implementation of all water plant production and maintenance activities.  These activities include the annual electrical system, motor, pump, filter, sump pump, chemical metering and SCADA monitoring maintenance work to ensure that the water plant is fully operational and capable of meeting daily demand, works at the optimum level of production, and that all primary and redundant systems are maintained in a good working condition. 
The incumbent is responsible for developing and establishing written Standard Operating Procedures for all duties and processes related to the full operation of the water treatment plant operation.  The incumbent is expected to ensure that the City's water production and distribution is fully compliant with all regulatory mandated and recommended processes.  Included in this the accurate and timely completion of all regulatory reporting for all aspects of regulatory reporting related to water production and distribution, and those reports provided to water users as required.


  • High frequency decision-making on issues ranging from routine to emergencies.
  • Frequent operational decisions impacting the welfare of residents.

 Essential Functions:

  • Responsible Operator in Charge as defined by I.E.P.A. of the Public Water Treatment and Distribution Systems.
  • Responsible Operator in Charge/Principle Executive Officer responsible for the maintenance and operation of the all private water distribution systems served by the City of North Chicago public water system.
  • Assist with the development of M & O and capital budgets as they pertain to water production and delivery, and provide management, oversight and reporting of the same.
  • Develop and prepare monthly (or more frequently as need may arise) reports summarizing the water production, delivery and loss, and for all operational and maintenance costs associated with the water treatment plant and distribution system, including the reports required by Abbvie for the purchase of untreated cooling water.
  • Review all water treatment plant production and maintenance schedules, and make recommendations that provide for improved performance and/or operating efficiencies.
  • Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures for all duties and processes related to the full operation of the water treatment plant operation.
  • Ensure that all water samples required for regulatory compliance are properly collected and transmitted to each Testing Laboratory.  Review, analyze, compile and provide timely notice of the sample testing results as they are returned to the Director and all others having interest and need.
  • Prepare and coordinate for distribution, all data required for periodic and/or annual reporting by all regulatory agencies, including all work necessary to produce all US EPA and /or IL EPA reports, including the Annual Consumer Confidence Water Quality report.
  • In conjunction with subordinates, develop career-path goals, and motivate, coach and review the performance of each employee annually (or more frequently as need arises) with a focus on the mutually-agreed goals. 
  • Ensure, via accurate record-keeping, that all Water Treatment Plant Operators schedule and complete the required Continuing Education classes needed for License renewal.
  • Ensure that subordinate staff is properly trained and certified. 
  • Make recommendations and/or participate in disciplinary actions pertaining to subordinates; participate and recommend in the hiring process.
  • Plan, assign, and supervise, either directly or through the Director, the activities of the Division. 
  • Solicit estimates, review and prepare recommendations for all procurements required for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant and water distribution system, and upon approval, facilitate and manage the purchase and delivery of all contractual services, materials and equipment needed.
  • Inspect the water treatment plant and distribution job sites for safety, performance and conformity to all City, Federal and State regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Supervise the inspection, maintenance, repair and/or extension of the water distribution system, consisting of mains, valves, hydrants, water tower(s), water reservoir(s), and booster pumps.
  • Supervise the inspection, maintenance, repair, and calibration of all water meters and data collectors and reporting of the same, making recommendations for replacement based upon review and analysis of water usage reports.  This is especially critical for all high volume commercial users. 
  • Coordinate and manage the installation of all new water meters and electronic water consumption reporting devices owned by the City of North Chicago as part of the water distribution system.
  • Monitor the water consumption reporting system for water usage abnormalities, including suspect under-reporting, instances of meter tampering involving water theft and immediately investigate the same, reporting findings to the Director, Chief of Police and/or others as the situation requires. 
  • Monitors the condition of the distribution system, including all hydrants, mains, valves, meters and fittings and recommends requisitions as needed, and documents the same as they occur.
  • Supervises the maintenance, inspection, repair and relocation of fire hydrants and valves.
  • Reviews repair and installation records, and maps of the water distribution system and sample collection locations, keeping all current.
  • Supervises the activities of subordinates in the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the water treatment plant (inside and outside), including whether the activity is emergency or a scheduled repair.  Provide monthly reports detailing the status and urgency of known deficiencies. 
  • Obtains annual bids for all chemicals and supplies needed and used in the treatment of water and the operation of the water treatment plant, and make a recommendation for the procurement of the same.  
  • Resolve complaints or questions from the public, by phone or written communication.  Also, advises contractors and developers of procedures and guidelines; attend all meetings.
  • Perform work on-call in an emergency.
  • Manage and/or supervise the flushing of all water mains, and test water in the Village's distribution system for compliance with State water quality standards.
  • Provide and/or oversee the training, supervision and instruction of all employees performing duties of maintenance, construction, operation and repair of all water system components.
  • Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with colleagues and general public.

 Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possession of a high school diploma, Bachelor's Degree preferred in addition to eight (8) years progressively responsible experience in a combination of or complete experience in water plant operations including a minimum of five (5) year's experience as a Class "A" certified operator ; or any equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the following knowledge, abilities, and skills;
  • Considerable knowledge of the maintenance methods and operating characteristics of equipment and tools used by water plant employees.
  • Considerable knowledge of the operating hazards and safety precautions of equipment and tools used by water plant employees.
  • Thorough knowledge of work rules and safety regulations including OSHA.
  • Ability to lead and motivate employees.
  • Ability to lead and manage/coordinate the work of numerous people and projects.
  • Ability to schedule, assign and reassign work with the crew to meet deadlines established and to coordinate the work of the unit.
  • Ability to inspect the work of a crew and ensure that deficiencies are corrected.
  • Ability to keep records of work performed, and materials, supplies or equipment used.
  • Requires a valid Illinois Driver's License.
  • Requires ability to climb, bend, pull, push, squat, reach and lift at least 75 lbs.
  • Requires ability to work under emergency conditions.

Must have demonstrable knowledge of the governing regulations operational processes and functions of a public potable water treatment plant and distribution system, and thorough knowledge of the chemicals, materials, equipment, methods and practices and reporting related to the operation and maintenance of the same. Should possess knowledge of excavation, trenching, and water system repair, and knowledge of public notices and occupational hazards peculiar to this work, along with the necessary safety precautions.  Must understand how to develop and manage both O & M capital budgets for personnel, operations and maintenance, and equipment replacement.  Should be capable of management and supervision, and have the ability to logically plan, assign, and supervise a large and diverse group of employees, and to prepare work schedules.  Must have the ability to follow written and oral instructions, and the ability to communicate effectively with the public, water customers, elected officials, superiors and subordinates, peers and contractors.

 Special Licenses & Requirements: Possession of a valid CDL driver's license, (Class B and above with air brakes certification, or ability to obtain same within 90 days of employment), and safe driving record.